Bedroom Designs – Andrea’s Bedroom

In Andrea’s bedroom design update, we mixed elements of “existing” and “new”, graphics, patterns, texture, pops of color and said good bye to her existing “pink” palette.   Re-using the bedroom furniture allowed us a little extra in budget for upgraded lighting and a cool re-purposed wall paneling behind the headboard of her bed.  The updated soft gray wall color created a soft canvas which allowed the new bedding, accessories and wall art to stand front and center.   Pillows in a variety of colors, textures and patterns and a new and graphic large scale chevron patterned bedding complimented by soft gold accents in the bedding and throughout room added fun contrast and warmth.  Crystals in the chandelier and table lamp added the sparkle that matches Andrea’s personality perfectly.  A great room for a new chapter in this 12 year old’s middle school years and beyond.