Audrey Larson / Work Intern


My name is Audrey Larson and I have had the privilege of working for my mom Shannon Larson since the beginning of 2019. I am a student here in Fort Collins at Colorado State University and have been studying Interior Architecture and Design for the past two years. By working under Larson Design, I am grateful to be getting hands on experience in the work field while studying side by side in a classroom. 

Although the future is still unknown, Interior Design will be the destination. As a child, rearranging my room was a monthly activity for me… and I admit that to this day it is still the case. My passion from design stems from the passion and love I have for the people and environment around me. From every conversation/interaction I have with a person or place my goal is to stem a design + experience for a customer from that. My favorite part about Interior Design is the opportunity it gives a person to feel themselves, safe, loved, rested, and inspired in a given space. Whether that is a kitchen, bedroom, restaurant, or hotel it is important to create a space where there is equal opportunity for every person who walks in to feel known, included, and at home..

As for my favorite design element… bring on the color! One of my favorite topics to learn about in school is the science of color and the feeling it emits and portrays. Not only is it tied to psychology, but also culture and history. It’s important to me to tell a story in every one of my designs and color is the perfect tool in doing so.

If you have any questions for me, I’d love to hear them + chat!